The Shawarma Strategy: Slicing into Performance Branding for Qatar’s SMEs

Eugene Foo
Apr 6, 2024
Let’s talk about shawarma. Yes, you heard that right. In the gastronomic scene of Qatar, the humble shawarma holds a lesson in differentiation and appeal, much like the businesses thriving here. Whether it's the tangy zest of Lebanese, the hearty spices of Egyptian, or the rich flavors of Saudi shawarma, each has its unique twist. So, what if your brand could be as distinctly delightful and sought after as your favorite shawarma twist? Enter performance branding.
Unwrapping Performance Branding

Think of your brand as a shawarma. The core ingredients—your product or service—are wrapped in the pita of your branding. But it’s the sauce, that special sauce, which is your data-driven strategy. It makes your offering irresistible, blending traditional branding’s emotional pull with the measurable zest of performance metrics.

Why It’s a Feast for Qatar's SMEs

In a marketplace as diverse and dynamic as a shawarma stand in Doha, standing out and being chosen is key. You want your brand to be the one people queue for, recommend, and come back to, time and again. Performance branding ensures not just a fleeting taste but a lasting preference.

Five Shawarma-Inspired Strategies on Instagram
  1. Know Your Flavor Profile: Start by defining what sets you apart. Is it your Egyptian spice blend or your Lebanese garlic intensity? Set clear, measurable goals for your Instagram campaigns. Identify what flavor (goal) you’re aiming for—more followers, deeper engagement, direct sales?
  2. Taste Test with Analytics: Use Instagram Insights to see which posts are your crowd-pleasers. It's like finding out whether your customers prefer chicken or beef, garlic or tahini. Tailor your content to match their tastes.
  3. The Great Shawarma Spin: A/B testing on Instagram is akin to experimenting with recipes. Try different captions, images, and hashtags to see what fills the room with the aroma of success. Which version makes your audience say, "I’ll have what they’re having"?
  4. Serve It Hot: Ensure each post has a clear call-to-action, just like every shawarma comes with a side of pickles. Guide your followers on where to go next—your website, a new product page, or sign up for an event. Make the next steps as obvious as reaching for that extra napkin.
  5. Stay Open to Feedback: The best shawarma stands know their regulars and adapt based on feedback. Engage with your followers in real-time, respond to their tastes, and adjust your menu accordingly. Keep your ear to the ground and your spices ready to adjust.
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