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Arak Collection
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Abdulrahman Khulaifi, a Qatari private art collector with over 3,000 African artworks, aimed to share his passion with the world through the Arak Collection. This initiative sought to not just showcase art but also support artists, curators, and writers while promoting African art education and exhibitions. The challenge was creating a digital "museum" that could effectively organize and display the extensive collection, transforming its online presence from a simple gallery to a pivotal cultural organization.
Descifer began with in-depth workshops involving the founder and key stakeholders to align on goals and user needs. Our comprehensive research included successful art website analyses and local museum visits for real-world inspiration. We meticulously structured the content to interlink artists, artworks, exhibitions, curators, and related publications, ensuring a cohesive ecosystem.
Design highlights included masonry-style grids to maintain artwork ratios for an enhanced viewing experience, attribute search and filters for easy navigation, and citation copy features for academic use. We optimized 3,000 images for web use and designed the CMS for straightforward bulk uploads, laying the groundwork for future e-commerce and advanced CRM functionalities. The website's elegant design incorporates African cultural symbols, high-contrast text, and avant-garde layouts, making educational programs and residencies easily accessible. This strategic overhaul was met with acclaim from the art community, reinforcing Arak Collection's mission to elevate African art on a global digital platform.
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