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Masdar Energy
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Branding & Design
In the competitive and tightly regulated oil & gas industry, where expectations for service and product quality are sky-high, positioning is critical. Masdar Energy, a startup specializing in drilling and production enhancement solutions, faced the common startup hurdle of establishing credibility. Despite a reputation for quality service, they struggled with visibility due to a lack of digital presence and professional branding, relying solely on word-of-mouth.
We initiated our collaboration with Masdar Energy through discovery workshops, pinpointing their unique challenges and opportunities. Our approach was to develop a lean brand strategy, starting from their vision, mission, and values, highlighting their unique selling propositions. We crafted a compelling brand narrative and refined their product descriptions to enhance clarity and appeal. Our reconfiguration of their services and content aimed to meet industry standards while maintaining a relatable and "human" tone.
The transformation culminated in the creation of a visually stunning, user-friendly website designed to boost search engine visibility and establish Masdar Energy as a trustworthy partner. Complementing this digital makeover, we designed a company profile brochure for traditional business development channels, along with professional tender templates and stationery. The new logo we introduced mirrors their forward-thinking ethos, combining a modern twist on the traditional oil & gas blue with vibrant orange and cool grey tones. The chosen typography and tone of voice were meticulously selected to be modern, approachable, yet professional and engaging. Our comprehensive graphic design and art direction guidelines ensured a cohesive brand experience across all communications.
The rebranding effort dramatically increased Masdar Energy's market presence, resulting in a 3.4x surge in website traffic and longer engagement on key pages. The newly designed contact page began generating leads, setting the stage for further content-driven strategies to solidify Masdar Energy’s industry authority.
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