branding the heart of the mashaf township

Mashaf Crossings
Scope of Work
Brand Identity
Website Design
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Brochure Design
Set to redefine communal spaces within Mashaf township, Mashaf Crossings aimed to integrate retail, dining, and entertainment into a single, enriching experience. Faced with the challenge of differentiating in a crowded marketplace, the project required a unique blend of sophistication and community spirit, appealing to a broad spectrum of residents. The task was to develop a mall concept that was not just absent in Qatar but deeply desired.
In a strategic move, the project was initially awarded to Daya, an agency known for its innovative approaches. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise in branding and digital strategy, Daya partnered with Descifer. This collaboration aimed to leverage Descifer’s deep understanding of brand identity and user experience to complement Daya's vision for Mashaf Crossings.
Through comprehensive research, including interviews and shadowing mall-goers, the team identified a gap in the market for an elevated community mall experience. Descifer, in collaboration with Daya, crafted a branding strategy that captured the essence of Mashaf township's diverse community and serene landscapes. The branding extended across a newly designed logo, website, and marketing collaterals, all aimed at positioning Mashaf Crossings as a hub of community and sophistication. This identity was meticulously developed to reflect a space where independent businesses thrive, and the community connects.
The joint efforts of Daya and Descifer have successfully positioned Mashaf Crossings as the future heart of Mashaf, poised to offer a unique shopping and communal experience. The project's branding resonates with the aspirations of Al Wukair's residents, promising a mall that blends style with substance, leisure with excitement, and shopping with community. As Mashaf Crossings nears its grand opening, it stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in creating spaces that not only meet but exceed community expectations.
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